LimeFx Review ECN Broker

Our LimeFx broker review indicates that traders on the platform can trade up to 90,000 futures and futures options instruments. These are drawn from virtually every market within the finance and securities industry including stocks, indices, currencies, and commodities. Unlike most other trading products listed here, futures and futures options trading are lightly covered in the broker’s educational resources and research reports.

  1. Clients are free to use and create their investment strategies.
  2. They both get used to their vast customer-supportive designs and excellent functionalities.
  3. Overnight funding fees and other transaction charges, require detailed understanding on the LimeFx platform.
  4. Designed for experienced traders, the LimeFx Pro platform features more advanced trading features such as multiple order types and market depth.
  5. You will find everything from major currency pairs to stocks of large companies.

This can be a great way to see if they will meet your specific needs. I think they can be a good choice for anyone who is looking for convenient trading in a regulated environment. Overall, I feel that LimeFx are a really good broker with a vast range of trading products and services that can meet the demands of all traders.

Furthermore, its reliable customer support and streamlined deposit and withdrawal methods reinforce its reputation. LimeFx provide asset management on stock markets of North America and Europe, in collaboration with a leading Russian investment holding, FINAM. The minimum amount required is $80,000 and there is an asset management fee from 20% charged based upon the NAV growth. There is absolutely zero guarantee on the performance when investing in asset management.

Other Platforms

The directive contains measures for the organisation and functioning of investment firms, facilitating cross border trading, while creating strategic opportunities. LimeFx maintains up to 14 different types of user accounts on its platform. In this LimeFx broker US review, we will be vetting the truthfulness of these claims, analyze the brokerage products and detail the nature of its services. This should help you form an opinion on the reliability of the online broker and aid your decision on whether to trust them with your cash.

Customer support

Additionally, LimeFx offers its proprietary platform, designed to cater to its customers’ specific needs. In a world full of trading possibilities, LimeFx is a solid choice for investors seeking a seamless blend of affordability and top-notch trading platforms. Built for both novice and seasoned traders, the broker offers an impressive suite of account types, ensuring a flexible and rewarding trading environment for its customers.

Software Fees

The per-share commission drops to 0.15¢ per share for accounts that can trade more than a million shares per month. It allows investors to have access to markets without actually trading on their own. This might lead to the potential generation limefx broker reviews of revenue through investment fund management. One of them is -trade schedule with equity transactions costing $2.50. Other platforms for trading include Sterling Trader Pro, which has option tools and shows real-time market data as well.

What did our traders think after reviewing the key criteria?

For trades that are made with the assistance of the broker, there is an additional fee of $20. Under this plan, the minimum fee and maximum fee per order is $2.50 and $5.50. It should be noted that you are required to maintain a minimum trading balance of $2500.

LimeFx says its “preferred method of contact is either by our online chat function or email.” It seems strange that they wouldn’t want phone calls. Personally, I would expect my broker to willingly accept phone calls. There are several technical studies available, including Aroon Oscillator and ZeroLagMa. This also facilitates re-earning the money in case the broker turns bankrupt.

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